10 Easy Ways to Make Your Closet More Organized; Follow these simple tips for making your closet a lot more organized in no time.

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I wish I could say that my closet is always organized. But, unfortunately, the reality is that, just like the rest of the world, it’s a mess. Sure, it’s not as messy as some closets can get. But still… it could be better.

Are you someone who wants to make your closet a more organized place? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, we all have a love-hate relationship with our closets: We love them when they’re full of T-shirts, hoodies, and jeans that fit us perfectly—and hate them when they’re cluttered messes of clothes that don’t look quite right, or worse yet, don’t seem to fit at all.

But as anyone who’s been there knows all too well, it can be challenging to keep your closet organized. And once it gets unorganized (or once it was never organized in the first place), it can feel like an uphill battle to get things back on track. Luckily for you (and me!),

Closet organization doesn’t need to be complicated. There are so many ways to make your closet more organized. The key is to tackle small projects you can manage. Your closet doesn’t have to be crammed full of clothes to make it organized. Keeping your everyday fashion items organized can be easier than you think.

I’ve compiled this list of my favorite ways for getting your closet in order. So if you’re looking for ways to add some organization to your life, take one from this list and start with the most pressing issues first! I have all the closet organization ideas you need in one place! Whether you have a closet system or not, this post is for you! Lets make use of the storage space in your closet you have!

Follow these 10 simple tips to create more storage in your closet and make your closet more organized. The best part.. many of these closet organization tips are completely free!



The key to having an organized closet space is decluttering what is inside your closet by only having items in there you use. I get it, throughout the year you use different items at different times. Ill get more into what to do with that later in this post.

If you have a bed, chances are there’s unused space under it. This is great for storing extra things that don’t need to be on display, but can also be used for more permanent storage solutions. Use bins under your bed to store any unused or seasonal clothing items.

Install hooks on the back of your doors so you can hang purses, belts, scarves and other items, from them instead of taking up space in closets.

Get creative with baskets hung from the ceiling above your closet door (or even just hanging from hooks) to store scarves and other items that need to be accessed easily but aren’t frequently used (and don’t need a dedicated place).

Dont forget to use a hamper too to make sure you have a place for all those dirty clothes are put away and not on the floor! No room for a hamper? Try a tray or self instead, although laundry baskets work best!


If you’re anything like me, your closet is overflowing with clothes. It seems like a great idea to buy more stuff because you can always use more options. But the problem is that it’s hard to find things when everything is jumbled together and there’s no rhyme or reason for how your things are organized.

It’s important to rotate your wardrobe every season (or even twice a year), so that you get good use out of all of your clothes without wearing them too much or too little. Rotating will keep the best-looking items at the front of the closet—and if something doesn’t get worn often enough, it’ll be easier to part with it before it becomes something that you need but don’t want anymore.

If a piece no longer suits you or if its color has faded, move it back into storage so that another person can enjoy wearing it in the future! Free up some drawer space and closet room this way! No need to fear a small closet with this tip!


The next thing you want to do is purge your closet of clothes that do not fit or are just not your style. You don’t have to be a hoarder, but if you haven’t worn something in over a year, it’s probably time for it to go. Donate these clothes if possible or throw them out.

After purging the stuff that isn’t working for you, look at what’s left and decide which items need some tailoring or repair work done on them before they’ll fit properly again. If there’s something hanging in there that never seems like it will look good on you regardless of the alterations needed, consider donating this one as well! This will free up tons of closet storage space! Get rid of those old socks, underwear and garments!

At this point, we’re left with our favorite pieces: the ones we love wearing (and feel like ourselves), our “go-to” outfits that we feel comfortable wearing anywhere at any time (this may vary depending on who you are), and those few items that need fixing up because they still fit but need some help looking their best again!


When it comes to finding solutions for your closet, there are many options. If you’re short on space, be sure to take advantage of vertical space by using tall drawers, adressers and hanging rods. Try stacking containers vertically on the floor or wall in order to clear up shelf space.

Baskets are also great because they can easily be moved around if they’re not needed in one spot. They’re also an easy option for storing items like belts, ties and other accessories that can be hard to keep track of otherwise. Hanging shoe racks are another great way to utilize vertical space while keeping your shoes organized and out of the way at the same time!

The number one way to make your closet more organized is by using hangers correctly! The trick is to never overstuff hangers; leave a little bit of room between each item so you don’t end up with a mess in your closet when trying either remove clothes from or put them away into this pile (and yes – this happens).

Whether you use velvet hangers or wooden hangers.. hangers are a crucial component to your closet organization. If you need extra help figuring out how many clothes should go onto which hanger then check out these helpful tips from expert organizers across America:

  • Use wide-shouldered plastic hangers for shirts with sleeves; these prevent sagging from occurring over time due “heavy” fabrics such as silk or velvet materials which tend towards stretching out once worn often enough times under ordinary conditions
  • Use padded fabric covered cardboard ones for trousers; these will help prevent creases from forming even after washing/drying cycle has been completed several times without ironing necessary beforehand. Use wire ones made out any material except plastic because metals tend towards rusting due exposure moisture content found within air during showers etcetera.


Organizing your closet by clothing type is a great way to easily find the clothes you need. Instead of having to dig through the entire mess, you can quickly find what you’re looking for. It’s also an easy way to organize your clothes by color.

You can organize by season: summer, winter, spring/fall. This will make it easier to keep track of what season it is so that when it comes time to swap out clothes from storage into active wear/storage or vice versa, it won’t be too much of a hassle.

You could also try organizing by owner; this works especially well if both people in the relationship agree on how they want their shared space organized (and if they don’t then maybe consider buying two separate closets).

And finally: style! If certain styles or brands fit better than others then having them grouped together will help streamline what’s available when trying new outfits each day and cut down on clutter all around.


Organizing by clothing color is an easy way to make your closet more organized. It’s simple, straightforward, and adds style to your wardrobe.

  • Organizing by color makes it easy to find what you are looking for: When everything is sorted by color, it’s easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for—no more digging through piles of clothes trying to figure out if they’re in there somewhere!
  • Organizing by color makes it easy to see how your wardrobe is coming together: If you want a cohesive look with lots of repetition or variation between colors and patterns within each outfit, this method will allow you keep track of how far along you are in achieving those goals. You’ll also be able to see at a glance which colors work well together when creating outfits that fit well with one another (and which ones clash).
  • Organizing based on clothing colors can add style without even trying! When items are categorized according to their hue they naturally become grouped into visually appealing groupings that enhance their visual appeal.


Store off-season clothing in a storage unit, storage closet, or storage unit. This is a great way to make sure that you don’t have boxes of clothes taking up space in your home. It will also keep them out of the way until it’s time to bring those old items back out!

If you’re not sure where to store this stuff, just get a large closet or room dedicated to storing away clothes when they aren’t being worn. That way, when spring rolls around again and it’s time for shorts and t-shirts instead of winter coats and sweaters (or whatever else), then all you have to do is take them out of storage and put them back into rotation with your regular wardrobe!


In order to make your closet more organized, you need to give everything a home outside of the closet. Having certain things in their proper place will help you keep your clothes organized.

Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Use shoe racks or organizers to store shoes and accessories on the floor or inside drawers/cabinets/etc.
  • Use shelf organizers for sweaters, shirts, pants and other articles of clothing that don’t require hanging space but still deserve their own spot in an organized closet (like folded jeans).
  • Use bins for storing t-shirts by color or type (e.g., tank tops vs V-neck t-shirts). These can be placed anywhere within reach because they’re lightweight!


If you have a lot of jewelry that you want to keep organized, hanging it from hooks will help. Having them all hanging on one wall makes it easier to see everything and access the pieces that you want. Put that empty wall space to good use!

Hanging jewelry is also helpful because it prevents tangling, which can cause damage to delicate necklaces and earrings. You can organize by color or style—or do both! I personally prefer organizing by color because then I know exactly where every piece is during my morning routine (I’m not a morning person).

There are so many ways to DIY accessory organization, so make sure you check out Pinterest to see what options are out there! If your not a DIYer, then I recommend getting jewelry organizers that you install right onto your wall!


Shoes are a very easy item to store, but they can be hard to find. The first thing you need to do is get them up off the floor! There are a number of ways you can organize your shoes:

  • Use shoe organizers on shelves or in drawers. These will keep your shoes neat and tidy, while also keeping them separate from each other.
  • Use shoe boxes with dividers inside for different types of shoes (i.e., sneakers versus heels). Put one pair inside each box so that when it’s time to wear that pair again, it’ll be easy to find them without digging through all the other pairs in there first!
  • Buy a couple of shoe racks for different areas in your closet (like by the door or at eye level) so that people don’t have anywhere else besides those spots where they put their own stuff away at night before going home – because if someone else does that job instead then no one will know where anything went missing! This way everyone knows exactly where everything goes every single day without fail!


A clean closet is a happy closet. And a happy closet means you can find what you’re looking for, when you need it. Here are some simple tips to keep your space organized:

  • Clean out your closet regularly! Don’t forget about the back and the top of the closet or anything in between. If there’s an item that doesn’t fit anymore, donate it! This will help keep things neat and organized without spending money on fancy organizers or shelving units. Always set aside time to declutter your closet!
  • Don’t forget about all those random items hidden away in drawers (and don’t even think about how long it’s been since they were last used). Pull them out and get rid of anything that doesn’t belong here anymore—you’ll be amazed at how much space this frees up!

And there you have it — 10 quick and easy ways to make your closet more organized. As always, we hope you found this post useful, and if so, please share it with your friends!

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