Home General Safety

Simple precaution can prevent accidents and even save lives.  The kitchen is the most dangerous room in the home, followed by the bathroom.  Always mop up spills that could cause people to slip, especially on tiled floors.  Put a safety rail on the bath-tub if necessary.

Kitchen – Turn pan handles away from the stove edge, and keep children away from hot oven doors.  Fit safety catches on cabinets, and store matches out of reach.  Teach children about safety.

Glass doors – Replace ordinary glass panels fitted into doors with safety or laminated glass, which does not splinter when broken.

Fireguards – Always use a fireguard when you leave an open fire unattended.  This also applies to flame-effect fires, which get very hot.

Rugs – Fix any loose rugs or mats into position with antislip pads or tape.

Lighting – Ensure hazardous areas of the house, such as stairways and landings, are well lit at all times.

Irons – Always switch off an electric iron if you have to answer the door or telephone.

Adaptors – Unused plug outlets should be covered with plastic safety covers.

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