Types of Floor Polish

Give floors a good shine, and your home will look well cared for  Use the right type of polish for your floor, and remember that polish builds up and will need to be removed form time to time.  Use floor cleaner, ammonia, or commercial wax remover to remove polish.

Solid Paste Polishes – These solvent-based polishes are suitable for vinyl, wood, and cork.  Application is difficult and must be done by hand, but the shine lasts a long time.

Liquid Solvent Polishes – These are also suitable for vinyl, wood, and cork.  They are easier to use than solid paste polish, but they are not as long lasting.

Water-Based Emulsion Polishes – These usually contain silicone.  They can be used on all floors except linoleum, unsealed wood, and cork.  They are easy to apply and long lasting.

Improvising a polisher, tie a dust cloth around a soft broom, and use this instead of an electric polisher to apply and buff wax polish.  Always clean floors thoroughly before you apply polish for the first time.


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